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The Daily Countable: China Tariffs & Amazon Taxes

by Countable | Updated on 4.2.18

Welcome back, folks. Hope you had a pleasant Easter/Passover/non-denominational weekend.

Did you enjoy an Easter ham on Sunday? Or maybe some agnostic bacon on Saturday? Well, it may cost you more soon: China has announced it is retaliating for the Trump administration's steel and aluminum tariffs by imposing its own import taxes on 128 American-made products. This includes a 25 percent duty on pork. Wondering what else is being targeted? Read our coverage here.

Too heavy to start your week with that story? Try this: It's the March Madness championship today in San Antonio, Texas, but also in Washington, D.C. That's right, we've reached the finals of Countable's Bill Acronym Bracket! Voting for the Final Four closed at midnight Sunday, and now the winners are facing off, awaiting your vote. Help us choose the best bill acronym of the 115th Congress here.

On the Radar

  • President Trump renewed his Twitter attack on over the weekend, accusing the online retailer of not paying its share of state and local taxes.

We explain what Amazon pays in taxes, their relationship to the USPS, and whether they're putting thousands out of business here.

Under the Radar

As part of his effort to implement "extreme vetting," President Trump plans to require all foreigners applying for visas to submit their social media usernames for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms. The State Department’s proposal would also require visa applicants to list their previous email addresses, phone numbers, and international travel from the last five years. Public comment is now open—head here to read up on the proposal and add your voice.

Your Gov at a Glance 👀

The White House: President Trump in DC

  • In the morning, President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump hosted the 140th annual White House Easter Egg Roll.
  • In the afternoon, the president will meet with National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow.

The House of Representatives: Out

  • The House will return Tuesday, April 10th.

The Senate: Out

  • The Senate will return Monday, April 9th.

But Wait! There's More!

And, in the End…

Congress may be taking a break, but you can still be taking action: this is the perfect opportunity to tell your reps what they should prioritize when they get back to legislative work next week. Head here and Hit Take Action to share your thoughts with your reps on issues like DACA or the Russia investigation.

—Josh Herman

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  • Dara

    Apparently the habitual liar that inhabits the White House doesn’t follow his own path. Amazon is providing a service at a discounted price, he beat trump’s cronies in the real estate industry at their own game. Go Amazon and Jeff Bezos. As for China’s tariffs what did trump and his voters expect. The midwest farmers and industry voted for these policies. The tariffs will be ratcheted up until we are in a full blown trade war. Be careful what you wish for.

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  • NoHedges

    Legislation to stop funds for presidential portraits, aka oil paintings, is wrong. Especially under the guise of fiscal responsibility. What about the 18 billion dollar handout you all gave to oil companies that are doing far better than most Americans? You want to reform oil, start by recouping those funds! ⭕️Then, do a better job of overseeing DeVos. It isn't enough to simply deny her request to cut the education budget by 9 billion. You need to ensure the tax payer's money gets to the schools or hire someone who has the expertise to run the department of education instead of one of 45s playmates. 💥And on a final note, put the whole Martinez case to bed. The man slipped, we have all missed that final step, bumped our head into a cabinet door, or otherwise missed a known obstacle in our daily environment. That is what most likely happened in this case. Tragic yes, but highly doubtful that his death is the result of murderous bogey men smuggling drugs across the border.