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Problematic Women: Walmart Banishes Cosmo From Checkout Aisle

by The Daily Signal | 3.30.18

Bre Payton / @Bre_payton / Kelsey Harkness / @kelseyjharkness / March 29, 2018

Bre Payton is the culture and millennial politics reporter for The Federalist.

Kelsey Harkness is a senior news producer at The Daily Signal and co-host of “Problematic Women,” a podcast and Facebook Live show. Send an email to Kelsey.

Walmart pulls Cosmopolitan magazine from the checkout aisles in the wake of #MeToo, safe spaces for women no longer are allowed, an arranged marriage in the U.S. goes horrifically wrong, and Planned Parenthood’s horrible idea for the next Disney princess.

All this and more in this week’s edition of “Problematic Women.” Plus, a special interview with Laura Carno, an advocate for arming teachers and staff and the founder of FASTER Colorado.

Watch the video above, or listen to the podcast below.

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