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Support Courthouse Lactation Rooms – It’s a Birthing Right

by Birthright: A War Story | Updated on 3.27.18

This content was originally published on Lactation Rooms, and featured in Birthright: A War Story's newsletter. Read more about this issue, take action below, and help move the needle.

In Illinois, nursing parents can pump breast milk at work, school, even the airport. But if they visit a county courthouse for any reason, they may be out of luck. SB 3503 would fix that.

Why Do We Need Senate Bill 3503?

  • Laws requiring employers to accommodate employees who need to pump breast milk at work do not help nursing parents who spend long hours in courthouses but are not employed by the court.

  • The law allowing women to breastfeed their babies in public does not help nursing parents who need access to a space suitable for pumping breast milk.

  • SB 3503 is consistent with the 2015 law requiring lactation rooms at Illinois airports.

  • Nursing parents should not be blocked from serving as attorneys, jurors, and witnesses in Illinois citizens’ civil and criminal proceedings.

  • Nursing parents cannot leave home without their infants unless they have a clean, private place to pump as their schedule requires. Failure to breastfeed or pump every several hours puts them at risk for painful milk duct infections that can make future breastfeeding difficult or impossible.

Get the facts and implore Illinois State Senators to vote yes on SB 3503. You can also take action below to record a personal video message about this issue. Your video may be included in Birthright's advocacy emails to lawmakers or social posts targeting key public officials.

Birthright: A War Story

Written by Birthright: A War Story

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