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Support Judge Frizell for District Attorney in Dallas, TX

by Countable | 3.8.18

Read the article and take action above by sharing on social media, or below by recording a video message. These videos might then be shared by Chelsea to reach millions of other voters, and help materially impact the outcome of the election.

Judge Elizabeth Frizell understands the challenges and issues victims, defendants, families, and attorneys face. She has tried or presided over hundreds of cases over the past 20 years and most recently as Judge of Criminal District Court 7.

Judge Frizell knows the law and her experience working with domestic violence and targets of human trafficking provides a unique insight into the criminalization of victims of abuse. She strives to be fair and impartial to make sure both sides have an opportunity to be heard and considered. Judge Frizell is a leader in the community and is respected for her judicial temperament, fair application of the law, common sense compassion and integrity.

Read more about Elizabeth Frizell on her website, and please use your voice to vote for the people who will fight for minorities, women, and human decency.


Written by Countable

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