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The Daily Countable: Trump Trade Tactics & A Return to Abstinence Education?

by Countable | 3.7.18

Today is T3, folks: Trump Trade Thursday. The President is expected to announce stiff new tariffs on foreign imports of steel and aluminum -- critical commodities upon which American markets rely. Many economists worry this move could start a trade war, and there are important signs of this happening.:

  • In return, the European Union pledged to slap new tariffs on U.S. products from bluejeans to Kentucky bourbon. Here's a longer list of products that may be targeted.
  • President Trump's top economic advisor announced he will resign. Gary Cohn is a well respected free-trade advocate in the business community, seen by many as a ballast to the administration's policies.
  • These events seem to have destabilized the markets, driving down the value of some critical indexes.

On the Radar

  • Attorney General Jeff Sessions? Not a fan of California. Between the Golden State's pot laws and border-wall lawsuits, the AG has plenty to get P.O.'d about. Now, the Department of Justice has filed a lawsuit against California over three of its "sanctuary state" bills. Click here to read which laws the DOJ takes issue with.

  • Also on the immigration front: Public scrutiny and the efforts of the ACLU have reportedly been successful in prompting the release of a Congolese immigrant seeking asylum. The woman has been held in custody since early November 2017. Her 7-year old daughter, however, is still being held in ICE custody. Read what ICE and others are saying here. ​

Under the Radar

For the first time, a single individual will be responsible for the final decision on what groups will receive Title X family planning funding. That person? Valerie Huber, the acting deputy assistant secretary for population affairs at HHS—a long time advocate of abstinence education. Women’s health advocates fear Title X policy changes emphasizing abstinence-only education will endanger women’s access to reproductive and general health care. Read what both sides are saying here.

Your Gov at a Glance 👀

The White House: President Trump in DC

  • The president will hold a Cabinet meeting at 11:30am ET.
  • He will then host a roundtable with members of Congress and video game industry leaders. ​

The House of Representatives: In Session

  • Voting on a bill to ease emissions regulations for power plants that generate electricity by burning coal waste. ​

The Senate: In Session

  • Debating and possibly voting on a bill to ease regulations on community banks and expand consumer credit protections. ​

Tomorrow's Preview

  • The Senate hasn't announced its schedule for tomorrow yet. The House isn't expected to be in session and will return Tuesday, March 13.

But Wait! There's More!

And, in the End…

And that's the Daily Countable -- the source we hope you'll use to Take Action, and affect YOUR government. I'd like to ask a favor: if you've read this far, please send me a hello! Use Twitter or email… whatever. I'm building a community of Super-Engagers to help Countable build the next iteration of Democracy. ​ — Andrea Seabrook ​ Talk to Managing Editor Andrea Seabrook via email, andrea [at], or on twitter, @RadioBabe. And don’t forget to keep in touch @Countable.


Written by Countable

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