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Trump Delays California Border Wall Until Entire Project Approved

by Countable | 2.28.18

What’s the story?

President Donald Trump tweeted on Wednesday that he will not begin construction on his border wall with Mexico until Congress fully funds the project:

The move comes a day after a judge ruled the Trump administration had the legal authority to waive environmental laws to expedite the construction of the wall.

Why does it matter?

  • In his budget proposal to Congress, Trump requested $23 billion for border security, with $18 billion earmarked for his "big beautiful wall."

  • Congress has yet to pass any legislation to fund the wall, and Trump’s demands that Mexico pay for its construction have not materialized.

  • The president has been urging lawmakers to reject any DACA proposals that do not include funds for securing the border.

Why mention California?

  • As the L.A. Times explained, Trump’s "tweet, an apparent attempt to punish California, seemed to be an effort to fuel the continuing battle between the state’s liberal, pro-immigration officials and Trump’s White House."

  • It is unclear what Trump means regarding the "sections of the Wall that California wants built NOW" given the state’s opposition to the project.

  • The Golden State’s Attorney General, Xavier Becerra, vowed to continue fighting the wall:

What do you think?

Should the president hold off on building the wall until the entire project is approved? Do you want Congress to pass legislation to fund the wall? Hit Take Action and tell your reps, then share your thoughts below.

—Josh Herman

(Photo Credit: tiero / iStock)


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