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Introduction from Birthright: A War Story

by Birthright: A War Story | 3.27.18

This content was originally published on Birthright: A War Story's newsletter.

Dear Supporters,

Women across the U.S. are under siege. Every day, their ability to make their own health decisions about their bodies, sexuality, reproduction and child-birth is under attack.

The fight is not just about abortion. The fight is over a woman’s basic human right to maintain sovereignty over her own body and to make her own medical decisions.

Following our successful, nation-wide theatrical release of Birthright: A War Story (BAWS), we are launching a campaign to use the film as a catalyst to inform, inspire and motivate action to stop the intrusion of government and religious doctrine into women’s health care.

Together with grassroots resistance and political action groups, civil and human rights advocates and women’s health care organizations, our goal is to turn people into activists for reproductive and birth justice so they will turn out the vote in this crucial mid-term election year.

Take Action Below to Contact Your Lawmakers

Consider the bi-weekly BAWS newsletter your clearinghouse for information about reproductive rights. And, let us know about legislative restrictions and political assaults on women’s health care in your region. Use the newsletter, along with our social media and web site, as platforms and rallying points if your group needs assistance with calls-to-action, whether they involve contacting lawmakers, protesting legislation or pulling together economic boycotts of companies that restrict women’s access to health care.

Watch the film and join the fight. Together, we can all play a role in building a strong coalition and solidifying a movement to defend women’s fundamental freedoms.

Civia Tamarkin, Director Birthright: A War Story

Birthright: A War Story

Written by Birthright: A War Story

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