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It's More Than a Healthy Choice - Walking to Live

How motivated are you to walk every day?

by Successful Aging in Action! | 6.12.19

30 Minutes a Day is all it Takes!

By: Emily Warren

What is it that motivates us to transition from thinking about exercise to actually doing exercise? Dr. Mike Evans’ lecture – 23 and ½ Hours: What is the single best thing we can do for our health? talks about the benefits of how 30 minutes of daily moderate activity/exercise will make health gains for your body, mind and soul. We know we feel energized, healthier and often happier when we move/exercise, yet we don’t always make the time for it.

Research tells us that walking lowers our risk of stroke, decreases back pain lowers blood pressure, builds strength, lowers risk for diabetes, increases good cholesterol, and decreases bad cholesterol. Knowing all of this, it still remains difficult to fit exercise into our daily schedules. So, how can we move from thinking to doing it?

To begin, determine what motivates you, what is important to you. Superficial and extrinsic factors can only take us so far. Ask yourself, "What do I value? What brings me meaning and purpose? How does being healthy or being unhealthy impact this?" This small time commitment could make a significant impact on living long enough and well enough to pursue your purpose.

Is it worth spending 30 minutes a day in order to experience these things that you value? What will make you move from thinking to doing?

Excerpt from the May/June 2013 Mosaic

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Successful Aging in Action!

Written by Successful Aging in Action!

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