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Joyful Movement

Do you include movement in your daily routine?

by Successful Aging in Action! | 5.28.19

Find Movement that Brings You Joy!

We know physical activity is important for maintaining health, but who said it can’t be fun and playful at the same time? This month, the Movement Matters campaign brings awareness to the many benefits of physical activity. 

Masterpiece Living considers physical activity to be any movement of the body that requires energy expenditure. This broad definition leaves plenty of room for creativity, self-expression and finding movement that brings joy and nourishes the soul. Furthermore, when the activity is something we enjoy, we will participate more often. Consider this, as a child, did you have a “to do list” that reminded you to play outside? To play tag? To run and jump and climb trees? Of course not! Your body just wanted to do it. 

We challenge you to find your "joyful" movement and hope you are inspired to continue to move the throughout the year. To help get you started, consider:

  • What activities did you enjoy as a child? 
  • Are there moments when you find yourself entirely present? What are you doing in those moments? 
  • Is there a type of movement you have enjoyed in the past but have not participated in recently? 
  • Is there a type of movement you always wanted to engage in but never did? 
  • Can you find a way to incorporate aspects of the movements you love into your daily routine? (For example, if you love to dance, is there a Zumba class you could participate in? Could you turn on some music and dance while cleaning?)
  • Here are some examples of movement that may spark your interest: hiking, biking, climbing, horseback riding, dancing, roller skating, yoga, Pilates, playing with children, swimming, basketball, baseball, soccer, tennis, golf. 

Whatever physical activity you choose, find the movement that brings you joy and nourishes the soul.  

Excerpt from the May/June 2013 Masterpiece Living Mosaic

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Successful Aging in Action!

Written by Successful Aging in Action!

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