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Masterpiece Living is Making Movement Matter with Charity Miles!

Visit Charity Miles and learn how YOU can make a difference!

by Successful Aging in Action! | 5.2.19

Movement Matters is a month-long campaign that encourages each of us to move for greater well-being, to move with purpose, and to increase movement throughout the year. Whether you move for greater health, to support your favorite charity, or simply for fun, the key is to move more and make it meaningful.

This year, the Masterpiece Living Team is moving to support National Parks through Charity Miles, a free app that lets you choose what charity you'd like to move for (and track your progress). CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE.

Here's the Denver team taking a walk during their lunch break...

Danielle from the Florida team took a screen-time break by walking while her computer was updating ... every little bit counts!

Successful Aging in Action!

Written by Successful Aging in Action!

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