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SUPPORT SB 419: would address the overuse of suspensions for minor and subjective offenses

Support SB 419: Eliminates Willful Defiance Suspensions

by Youth ALIVE! | 4.27.19

Support SB 419: a bill that would amend the Education Code to address the overuse of suspensions for minor and subjective offenses.

Currently, Education Code Section 48900 (k) allows students in grades 4-12 to be suspended from school for disruption or defiance. Neither disruption nor defiance is defined anywhere in the Education Code; as such, imposition of a suspension under Section 48900(k) is largely left to the subjective judgment of school personnel. This category was identified as the only grounds for an estimated 59,808 suspensions during the 2017-18 school year. 

Willful Defiance suspensions disproportionately poor students of color and are an entryway into a school-to-prison pipeline that we must eliminate if we are to have safe, thriving, healing communities.

SB 419 would eliminate disruption/defiance as grounds for suspensions for all grade levels and keep more students in schools. If SB 419 is not passed, students will continue to be subject to suspension based on disruption/defiance, which means students will be suspended from school and denied valuable learning time for anything from failing to turn in homework, not paying attention, refusing to follow directions, or swearing in class—including suspensions for just one isolated incident.

Youth ALIVE!

Written by Youth ALIVE!

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