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OPPOSE SB 230: would allow law enforcement officers to use deadly force when other options are available

Oppose SB 230: Would not meaningfully address police use of deadly force. This is a distraction from real reform.

by Youth ALIVE! | 4.27.19

Oppose SB 230: This bill will allow law enforcement officers to use deadly force when they have other options available, and even when the person does not pose a threat. Compare to AB 392.

Although the bill addresses training and policy, it does so in a superficial and vague way, providing no requirements and setting no minimum standards. California has a deadly problem with police violence. Police in our state kill people at significantly higher rates than the national average, and disproportionately kill people of color, particularly those who are unarmed.[i] Unfortunately, SB 230 would do nothing to prevent these tragedies.

SB 230 would thus authorize agencies to issue policies that are in direct conflict with the recommendations of the California Attorney General,[ii] which emphasized clarity and specificity on use of force policies – explicitly criticizing the type of vague guidance that would be permitted under SB 230.

SB 230 makes changes that allow officers to kill people who pose no threat to other people. It also allows officers to use deadly force even when it would have been safe, feasible, and reasonable to use alternatives

[i] California Department of Justice, Sacramento Police Department: Report and Recommendations, 2019 (2019)

[ii] California Department of Justice, URSUS – Use of Force dataset (2018)

Youth ALIVE!

Written by Youth ALIVE!

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