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Tampa elects its first openly gay mayor

by Axios | 4.23.19

This piece was authored by Axios, and its content solely reflects the published views of Axios and its journalists.

Tampa's former Police Chief Jane Castor will be the city's next mayor, after winning the 7-week municipal runoff election on Tuesday with 73.15% of the vote.

Details: Castor is the city's first openly gay mayor, having won by a landslide against opponent David Straz, a retired banker, who spent millions of dollars on attack ads against Castor. Her intentions platform focused on promoting mass-transit and amplifying affordable housing options. Campaign finance filings indicate Straz spent more than $5 million to Castor's $2 million. Per the Tampa Bay Times, Straz was the target of social media resistance when constituents learned he supported Donald Trump in 2016. He defending himself, saying he did not plan to vote for the president again in 2020.


Written by Axios

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