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Barr Says He Will Release Redacted Mueller Report 'Within a Week'

by Axios | 4.9.19

Attorney General Bill Barr said in a House Appropriations Committee on Tuesday that he would be in a position to release special counsel Robert Mueller's report "within a week," and that it would be color-coded and contain explanatory notes for redactions.

The big picture: Barr said Mueller is currently working with the Justice Department to identify information that falls into the 4 categories he has determined should be redacted. Barr also said that he offered Mueller the opportunity to review his 4-page letter summarizing the "principal conclusions" of the report, but that Mueller declined. When asked whether Barr had briefed the White House on the report at any point, Barr declined to answer: "I’ve said what I’m going to say about the report today."


Written by Axios

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