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Demand President Trump Condemn Brunei’s Anti-LGBTQ Stoning Law

Ask the President to stand up for LGBTQ people across the globe.
46 signed. Let's get to 100!

by GLAAD | 4.4.19

A new law in the nation of Brunei would allow a punishment of stoning by death simply for being LGBTQ.

Already, celebrities like George Clooney and Ellen DeGeneres as well as others across the globe are condemning this horrific law that’s inhumane and unjust on humans. But President Trump remains silent.

Even after the Trump Administration announced a global effort to decriminalize homosexuality worldwide, the Trump Administration has been eerily silent while millions are outraged by this barbaric law.

America must stand for human rights. Sign your name to this petition and demand that the President of the United States of America fulfill his administration’s promise by condemning Brunei’s horrific anti-LGBTQ law. 


Written by GLAAD

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46 signed. Let's get to 100!
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