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Washington Post: School Climate Strikes Draw Thousands to the Streets in Cities Around the Globe

How do you feel about the climate change protests?

by Alyssa Milano | 3.15.19

Thank you to the young people throughout the world who participated in this historic climate strike. Learn more below from the Washington Post, and click above to share your reaction!

BERLIN — A movement that began with a single teenager distributing homemade fliers outside the Swedish parliament last summer became a global phenomenon on Friday, as students worldwide skipped school and took to the streets to urgently demand that adults combat the perils of climate change. 

Starting in the South Pacific and moving west with the sun, the protests blanketed grand city centers and humble village squares. Organizers said they were expecting demonstrations in at least 112 countries, in more than 1,700 locations. 

The coordinated demonstrations were planned as the largest manifestation to date of the Fridays for Future movement, in which students forgo classes each week in favor of something they have said is more important: pleading for action on an issue that will affect every person on the planet, but young people most of all. 

Read the full story at the Washington Post

Alyssa Milano

Written by Alyssa Milano

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