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Senate Dems One Vote Shy of Net Neutrality Revival—Tell Your Senators How to Vote Now

by Countable | 1.16.18

What’s the story?

Half the Senate - forty-nine Democrats and independents, one Republican - plan to co-sponsor Sen. Ed Markey's (D-MA) legislation that would undo the FCC's repeal of net neutrality.

Why does it matter?

Last month, the Federal Communications Commission voted to dismantle net neutrality regulations, allowing internet providers to speed up – or slow down – access to apps and websites.

Markey’s bill, if made law, would reverse that ruling.

Under the Congressional Review Act (CRA), Congress can nullify recently passed legislation with a simple majority.

But even if Markey's bill does pass the Senate, it would still need a majority in the House, where the GOP controls more seats. Then, it would head to President Donald Trump’s desk—and the president, who’s supported the net neutrality rollback, would likely veto the legislation.

What do you think?

Ed Markey tweeted: "If you don’t see your senator’s name, they could be the 51st vote that allows us to pass my CRA to restore a free and open Internet. Please keep making your voices heard #NetNeutrality."

Do you want your senator on the list? Or do you support the net neutrality rollback? Hit Take Action and tell your reps to get on – or stay off – the list. Then share your comments below.

—Josh Herman

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(Photo Credit: Ed Markey via Twitter)


Written by Countable

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