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President Trump's Silence on the Government Shutdown Was Deafening

by Stop Government Shutdowns Forever | Updated on 2.7.19

President Trump was completely silent about the Trump Administration's Government Shutdown during the State of the Union address.

President Trump did not say a single word about the longest, most damaging government shutdown in history that he caused when he vetoed the Spending Bill that was passed by both the House and Senate on December 20th, 2018.

President Trump did not say a single word about the SUFFERING he inflicted on 4 MILLION Federal Contractors and their families, who did not even receive backpay.

President Trump was completely silent about the SUFFERING he inflicted on 800,000 Federal Employees and their families, who missed TWO paychecks.

President Trump was completely silent about the fact that he forced 400,000 Federal Employees into SLAVERY by making them work without pay for nearly 40 days until they received their backpay.

President Trump, we deserve an apology and a promise that you will NOT do this to us again. And if you won't, then CONGRESS MUST ACT NOW. Pass legislation like the Stop STUPIDITY Act to end government shutdowns forever!

PLEASE sign this petition to tell your elected representatives that they must NOT be silent, must speak out, and stand up to President Trump by passing legislation to STOP government shutdowns from happening again!

Watch this video to see how government shutdowns truly impact the Middle Class Federal Workforce.

Please Sign & Share this Petition to Make YOUR Voice Heard.

Don't let President Trump get away with attacking the Middle Class, Federal Workforce, and our economy. The Trump Administration's government shutdown cost our country BILLIONS of dollars.

His complete silence on this matter that impacted MILLIONS of Americans is truly deafening.

Please WATCH this interview on BBC World News to learn how the Trump Administration's Government Shutdown caused MASSIVE financial strain and stress on MILLIONS of Americans.

Please DO NOT Be Silent. Sign and Share this Petition so that We, the People, will be HEARD! Thank you!

~Jamie Rodny


Stop Government Shutdowns Forever

Written by Stop Government Shutdowns Forever

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7 signed. Let's get to 100!
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  • Catherine

    Stop using the American workers as bargaining chips in this battle over border security. You are hurting the very ones you say you want to protect.

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  • Hector

    Hmm, yeah, a government that can declare war and that's our government and you want to shut it down is that right? What are you an idiot. You think these guys are unprotected and are just gonna do these things that leave us defeated for their own behalf hmm, do they really know it's over and better get off the planet quick and see ya don't wanna be ya. Oh that's deep so lemme throw in I'm profit and just the facts so to add on there's allot of toxic in the air and the gas toxic detector has been invented and I need to protect myself from toxic such an industry making it's presence known stupidity sickness diseases and still worse, yes, quite saddening. Seeing between the lines of why it happened. Still ya always gotta think you can win. Toxicity is the worst part cuz it stinks to low Satan and we need protecting you morons. The rich run science they like is stupid it'll never happen unless we take back the government from the Capitalism back to something that can even work. Oh the shame of a Capitalism government. Money talks and the rest walks is something taught no hmm yes ambassador of Jesus Christ here wishing love in and about ya kindness and truth nothing but the facts Jack and what comes with disobeying in America 😎