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10 Day Countdown to the Next Government Shutdown

Sign the Petition to STOP Government Shutdowns Forever by Passing the Stop STUPIDITY Act
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by Stop Government Shutdowns Forever | 2.5.19

There are 10 Days Left Before the Next Government Shutdown!

We, the People, have 10 DAYS to STOP the next Government Shutdown and WE CAN DO IT!

Please sign this petition to support Senator Mark Warner's bill, the Stop STUPIDITY Act!

What is the Stop STUPIDITY Act?

The bill's full name is the Stop Shutdowns Transferring Unnecessary Pain and Inflicting Damage In The coming Years Act. This bill would end the practice of government shutdowns by automatically renewing the most recent funding level for federal departments and agencies if Congress and the President can't agree on a budget by the deadline. This Bill includes TWO very strong incentives for Congress and the President to negotiate in good faith and make a deal. First, there would be NO funding for the legislative branch. Secondly, there would be NO funding for the office of the presidency. Thus, Congress and the President would miss their paychecks instead of the American middle class federal workforce. This would be truly EFFECTIVE!

Why Should We Demand a STOP to Government Shutdowns Forever?

Government Shutdowns are a direct attack on our nation’s economy and American families. The economic cost of the Trump Administration's Government Shutdown was measured at $6 BILLION DOLLARS, according to estimates by S&P Global Ratings. The economic loss of the Trump Administration's Government Shutdown was estimated at $3.6 BILLION DOLLARS.

Who Are Directly Financially Impacted by Government Shutdowns?

The Trump Administration's Government Shutdown that lasted 35 days forced 4 MILLION Federal Contractors to miss TWO paychecks and they will not receive any backpay. How unfair!

400,000 Federal Employees, including the TSA, Air Traffic Controllers, Border Protection Agents, Department of Treasury Employees, and others were forced to work without pay, which is illegal, and they missed TWO paychecks.

An additional 400,000 Federal Employees were not allowed to do any work for the American people AND missed TWO paychecks.

ALL of these hard working, dedicated public servants suffered tremendously. The federal workforce consists of Middle Class Americans. 80 PERCENT of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. Middle Class Americans cannot afford to miss one, let alone two paychecks!

Government Shutdowns are a Direct Attack on America's Middle Class.

ALL Government Shutdowns are BAD for our Nation as a whole.

The costs of a Government Shutdown include the cost of a delay in companies filing initial public offerings, uncollected tax revenue from lost business, loss of enforcement to collect back taxes, national park fees that were uncollected, interest due on late federal payments, agency costs for conducting the shutdown, agency costs for conducting startup, lost productivity of the furloughed federal workers, and of course the cost of paying back pay to 800,000 federal employees. Now, the U.S. Government has also been sued by three federal labor unions because of illegally forcing 400,000 federal employees to work without pay. Thus, the cost of the Trump Shutdown will only keep rising with expensive litigation in Federal Court.

Please Sign This Petition and Tell Your Elected Representatives to STOP Government Shutdowns Forever by Passing the Stop STUPIDITY Act NOW.

We only have 10 Days left before the next Trump Government Shutdown.

Let's stop it from happening!

~Jamie Rodny


Stop Government Shutdowns Forever

Written by Stop Government Shutdowns Forever

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12 signed. Let's get to 100!
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