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Your Turn, Your Voices: 2018 Predictions

by Countable | 1.3.18

What’s the story?

As 2017 was coming to a close, Countable asked for your political predictions for the new year.

Here are some comments we want to highlight, but we encourage you to read them all in the original post.

"I predict 2018 will have a variety of opposing historical accounts. Most will be fabrications."

Read all of RadicalModerate’s comment.

"Women will be at the forefront of the blue wave changing congress from a divided group of ‘do nothings’ to a motivated group of Democrats who will restore our faith in government and a sense of decency for our country."

Read all of HockeyGuy’s comment.

"Republican Grassroots Movement will step up their involvement into getting more honest Conservatives although not necessarily life long politicians…"

Read all of Wayne’s comment.

"During Obama’s 8 years, NY stock market increased from 7000 to 19700, a 181% increase. During 2017, we saw an increase from 19700 to 24700, a 25% increase. This bubble is going to POP!"

Read all of Angela’s comment.

"No war with North Korea but ‘ButtonBoy’ will be assassinated. Iran will have a revolution to displace their unpopular political leaders. Mueller will finally (after spending tax dollars on a witch hunt) admit there was nothing to Russian Collusion with Trump…"

Read all of Steve’s comment.

"The people will continue to speak, protest, fight, and work for a better country. Not making any predictions for the 2018 elections, though will be working for Democrats to take back the house and senate. Trump will continue to be a threat to democracy and continue his path of destruction."

Read all of Katzale’s comment.

"The only ‘Blue Wave 🌊’ that I see coming, is a massive increase of Democratic Obstructionist activities in Congress, supported by their ‘MSM’ activities across the Air/Print Sources."

Read all of SneakyPete’s comment.

"More politicians will be accused of sexual harassment…Trump will fire 6 more governmental employees…Trump will say horrible things about John McCain at his funeral…The atomic bomb button will be made ‘off limits’ to our President…The deadline for budget approval will cause US to be unable to fund our government for over a week…"

Read all of Jon’s comment.

"This is going to be a very prosperous year for this country economically! Jobs being created as well as jobs coming back from overseas. Investment will soar! We are now the world’s largest producer of petroleum! Who would have ever thought as I was in high school in the early 70s when the Arab Oil Embargo Occurred!…"

Read all of James’ comment.

"Afghanistan will drag on despite Trump blaming Pakistan and his declaring we are winning despite reality. European allies will pull away from the unstable and erratic foreign policies of the United States. China will replace the US as the largest economy…"

Read all of Gerald’s comment.

"Red all the way baby 2018…democrats have no platform. Not sure what the Democrats stand for. Higher taxes, flood the boarder, climate change, gender neutral, sanctuary cities, slow growth on the economy or global economy…"

Read all of Blackhawk.U.S.Army.Vet’s comment.

"Women will continue to reframe and hold to account the egregious failings of patriarchy in both the workplace and general society…Internationally, politically driven fear of ‘The Other’, brings the world to the brink of Intercontinental Nuclear War…"

Read all of Shai’s comment.

"Democrat and Republican lawmakers finally are told that corruption will end and they have to start acting like they care about their constituents."

Read all of Richard’s comment.

What do you think?

Do you agree with these predictions? Have some of your own? Want to make a prediction a reality? Hit Take Action and tell your reps, then comment below.

—Josh Herman


Written by Countable

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