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Learn About The Green New Deal [Links]

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by Green New Deal Action | 1.30.19

This is a living list of resources that you can use to learn more about the Green New Deal. It is updated regularly.

You can find an explanation of what exactly the Green New Deal is here.


The Green New Deal, Explained - Vox

When Will We Take Action on Climate Change? - NBC News

We Need A Green New Deal, and We Need It Now - The Outline

With a Green New Deal, Here’s What the World Could Look Like - The Intercept

What, Exactly, Is The Green New Deal? - E&E News

Bold and Urgent Green New Deal May Change Washington's Climate Change Inertia - The Hill

How The Green New Deal Became The Green New Deal - The Intercept

Journalists to Follow

Alex Kaufman - Huffington Post - @alexckaufman

Hannah Northey - E&E News - @hmnorthey

Rob Meyer - The Atlantic - @yayitsrob

Karl Mathiesen - Climate Home News - @karlmathiesen

Adam Vaughn - The Guardian - @adamvaughan_uk

Damien Carrington - The Guardian - @dpcarrington

Brad Plummer - The New York Times - @bradplumer

Stella Paul - Freelance - @stellasglobe

Leo Hickman - Carbon Brief - @LeoHickman

Simon Evans - Carbon Brief - @DrSimEvans

Sophie Yeo - Pacific Stand - @some_yeo

Robert McSweeney - Carbon Brief - @rtmcswee

Rosamund Pearce - Carbon Brief - @_rospearce

John Upton - Climate Central - @johnupton

Heidi Cullen - Monteray Bay Aquarium Research Institute - @HeidiCullen

Bobby Magill - Bloomberg - @bobbymagill

Andrea Thompson - Scientific American - @AndreaTWeather

Brian Kahn - Earther - @blkahn

Eric Holthaus - Grist - @EricHolthaus

Gaia Vince - Freelance - @WanderingGaia

Green New Deal Action

Written by Green New Deal Action

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