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Trump Says He’ll Postpone Pelosi’s Overseas Trip Over Shutdown

Do Democrats & President Trump need to cut a deal on border security funding?

by Axios | 1.17.19

President Trump sent a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Thursday informing her that he will postpone her planned 7-day overseas trip to Brussels, Egypt and Afghanistan — presumably by denying her the use of military aircraft as transport — as a result of the ongoing government shutdown, which is currently in its 27th day.

The big picture: On Wednesday, Pelosi sent Trump a letter asking him to delay his State of the Union address until the shutdown is resolved, citing security concerns. Trump used the same reasoning in his letter, and told Pelosi it would be "her prerogative" if she wished to fly commercial. As CBS' Steven Portnoy notes, aides had asked news organizations not to publicly report the details of Pelosi's trip due to national security concerns. Fox News' John Roberts reports that Pelosi was scheduled to depart at 3 p.m., just 30 minutes after the letter was released.


Written by Axios

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