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What They’re Saying: Trump’s National Security Strategy

by Countable | 12.19.17

On Monday, President Donald Trump unveiled the U.S.’s new National Security Strategy that outlines his goals for modernizing the military and advancing the economy.

"What we have built here in America is precious and unique," Trump said in a speech coinciding with the document’s release. "We must love and defend it, we must guard it with vigilance and spirit, and if necessary, like so many before us, with our very lives."

The document, and Trump’s speech, have leaders from around the world responding…


The President promoted his foreign policy plan over twitter:

Trump followed up with another tweet, writing, "our task is to strengthen our families, to build up our communities, to serve our citizens, and to celebrate AMERICAN GREATNESS as a shining example to the world."


The report accuses China of seeking to "displace the U.S. in the Indo-Pacific region, expand the reach of its state-driven economic model and reorder the region in its favor."

Beijing condemned America’s "Cold War mentality."

China's foreign minister said Washington should "abandon outdated notions."

Spokeswoman Hua Chunying said:

"No country or report will succeed in distorting facts or deploying malicious slander. We urge the US side to stop intentionally distorting China's strategic intentions and to abandon outdated ideas of Cold War mentality and the zero-sum game."


The National Security Strategy claims that "actors such as Russia are using information tools in an attempt to undermine the legitimacy of democracies."

A spokesman for Russian President Vladimir Putin said the strategy had a "clearly imperial nature" and demonstrated a reluctance to abandon the idea of a “unipolar world.”

However, the spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, also said Moscow found "positive things" in the document.

"It is totally in line with our approach, voiced by the president, because Moscow also seeks cooperation with the United States in areas, which are beneficial for us, depending on how far our U.S. counterparts are ready to go."


In his speech, Trump lambasted the Obama administration for a slew of failures, including making "a disastrous, weak, and incomprehensibly bad deal with Iran."

The document goes further, labeling Iran a "rogue regime" and “the world’s most significant state sponsor of terrorism.”

In a speech broadcast on state TV, Iranian President Hassan Rohani said that "the nuclear deal will not collapse."

He added:

"Those who hope that Trump will cause its collapse are wrong."


Now that you know what they’re saying, what do you have to say about the National Security Strategy? Do you agree with Trump’s foreign policy priorities? Or would you like to see the focus on something else? Hit Take Action and tell your reps, then share your comments below.

—Josh Herman

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