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Your Turn: Who Does Congress Really Serve?

by Countable | 12.18.17

Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Bernie Sanders (I-VT) have penned an op-ed for the New York Times asking "Who Is Congress Really Serving?"

"Over the past year, Republicans have made their priorities clear," the two senators write.

"Their effort to repeal Obamacare would have left tens of millions of people without health insurance. Now Mitch McConnell, the Senate majority leader, wants to ram through an enormous tax giveaway to the wealthy before seating Doug Jones, Alabama’s newly elected Democratic senator."

Congress is preparing to vote on the GOP tax plan—even though, as noted, "this tax bill remains historically unpopular. According to an average of nine surveys taken this month, 33 percent of Americans are in favor of it, and 52 percent are opposed."

With a government funding deadline on Friday, Warren and Sanders say Congress – especially Republicans – face a choice:

"Will they spend this week just trying to deliver partisan tax breaks for the rich? Or will they work with Democrats to pass a budget that supports working people?"

What Should Congress Focus On?

Warren and Sanders urge Congress to use this week’s funding bill to address social programs that affect working-class families, including:

Warren and Sanders conclude their op-ed:

"The task in front of Congress over the coming week boils down to a basic question: Does Washington work for all of us or just for those at the top? Congress has a chance, right now, to take steps that will make life a bit better for millions of working people immediately and in the years to come. We should seize it."

They asked the question—now it’s Your Turn to answer it. Do you feel Congress is serving you? Should the GOP-led Congress focus on the issues Sanders and Warren mentioned? Or are you glad they’re focusing on cutting taxes? Share your thoughts below, and make sure to also share your comments with Congress by hitting Take Action.

—Josh Herman

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