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The Daily Countable: Countdown on Net Neutrality & Tax Bill

by Countable | 12.4.17

Good Monday, friends, and welcome to the first full week of the last month of 2017. Where did the year go?! Oh wait, I know where it went — into frantic, frenetic and sometimes funky news coverage of our new president. Speaking of whom, President Trump is in Salt Lake City, Utah today, giving his pitch (to you!) for the passage of the GOP tax bill. Do your Reps know what you want them to do?

One Big Thing

Now that the tax bill passed the Senate on Friday, you can see what's in it! Senators negotiated over its details right up to the end, so it's critical to check out what made it in the final version: which is right here, on Countable. But remember! What passed the Senate is pretty darn different from what passed the House. That means tough negotiations are ahead between the two chambers before the tax bill gets anywhere near the President's desk.

On the Radar

The fight of net neutrality rules is coming down to the wire. The rules changes proposed by FCC chairman Ajit Pai are on the agenda for the Commission's upcoming meeting, on December 14th. We'll be all over it for you in these next 10 days (and beyond!) as titans of business and internet giants battle over the rules. Here's a clean, succinct explanation of the issues on the table, and how people are squaring off — including a direct link to message the FCC with your thoughts. Don't forget to contact your Reps though, because Congress has considerable power in this fight as well. Everything you need is right here!

Under the Radar

A serious scuffle is brewing over at the Treasury Department. Secretary Steve Mnuchin has assured lawmakers that he has more than a hundred staffers working on a detailed estimate of the final cost and economic projection of the GOP tax bill. Problem is, Treasury hasn't actually released any such estimate, leading Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) to question whether Mnuchin either hasn't actually run the projections, or he has and doesn't want to release the results. Warren penned a stern letter to the Inspector General of Treasury, who has opened an investigation into the matter. Check out the details here.

Your Gov at a Glance 👀

The White House: President Trump in DC & Salt Lake City, Utah

  • President Trump travels to Salt Lake City, UT
  • Meets with Leaders of the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons)
  • Tours the church's Welfare Square
  • Gives remarks at the Utah State Capitol
  • Returns to Washington, DC

The House of Representatives: In Session

  • Voting on a motion to go to conference committee on H.R. 1: Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

The Senate: In Session

  • Voting to start debate on the nomination of Kirstjen Nielsen to be Secretary of Homeland Security.

It's definitely crunch time, friends, and we're on it for you. We all need to keep eyes on our government right now — often Congress's end-of-the-year sprint brings all sorts of, oh, call it "legislative creativity." So keep in touch! And remember, I'm always eager to hear from you.

— Andrea Seabrook, Managing Editor

Talk to Andrea via email, andrea [at], or on twitter, @RadioBabe. And don’t forget to keep in touch @Countable.


Written by Countable

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