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Prosecutors Recommend "Substantial" Prison Sentence for Michael Cohen

Do you agree with the recommendation?

by Axios | 12.7.18

Prosecutors from New York’s Southern District recommend a "substantial term of imprisonment" for President Trump's former lawyer, Michael Cohen, for campaign finance and tax violations, as well as lying to Congress, despite his cooperation with the investigation.

In a separate sentencing filing, Special Counsel Bob Mueller and his team are not taking a position on what amount of prison time Cohen should serve, but have determined that "any sentence of incarceration" the court in New York recommends would be "appropriate," per a sentencing filing released Friday evening as well.

The intrigue: Mueller's filing notes that Cohen has "gone to significant lengths to assist the Special Counsel's investigation" and provided information on conduct of his own and "of others on core topics under investigation by the [office]."

  • Cohen has "committed to continuing to assist the [office's] investigations."
  • By the numbers: Cohen has met with the Special Counsel's office on 7 occasions.

Written by Axios

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