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The Daily Countable: A Critical Moment

by Countable | 11.27.17

Fine Countable Friends —

This is a critical time. The sheer number & depth of exceedingly consequential issues working through your government right now make it critical that you raise your voice. This is your time: be bold.

One Big Thing

A showdown between Republicans and Democrats over basic government funding is littering the negotiating table with other issues, yet to be resolved. Case in point:

  • Current law dictates a cap on spending for defense programs, to the tune of $549 billion
  • The plans of the majority Republicans call for defense spending that exceeds that cap by more than $50 billion
  • In order to consider that spending boost, Congressional Democratic leaders are demanding a dollar-for-dollar increase in non-defense spending
  • If the two parties cannot reach a compromise, the federal government could run out of basic operating funds within a few weeks

The Take Home Message:

Pay special attention to how your representatives are negotiating defense spending and basic government funding this week. Remember: they work for you. You have every right to question their actions, motives & purpose.

On the Radar

  • Tax Reform! It's rare that Congress faces such a weighty push for the movement of a single piece of legislation. The bills in the House and Senate are significantly different, creating a new obstacle to any change in tax law. Because of that, it is more than likely that lawmakers will endure long hours of negotiation before any possibility of an accord.
  • Meanwhile, keep your eye on the ball: a critical, constitutional debate is unfolding between the Trump administration and the civil servants in charge of the CFPB, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. It may see to be a small tiff, but it has big implications.
  • Plus: don't miss Countable's early-bird feature, This Week In Congress (You know you want it!).

Your Gov at a Glance 👀

The White House: President Trump in DC

  • Lunches with Vice President Mike Pence and Members of the Senate Finance Committee.
  • Hosts an event honoring Native American code talkers.
  • Meets with Secretary of Defense James Mattis.

The House of Representatives: Out

  • The House returns Tuesday, November 28.

The Senate: In Session

  • Confirmation vote on the nomination of Dabney Friedrich to be District Court Judge for the District of Columbia.
  • Possible cloture vote on the nomination of Gregory Katsas to be Circuit Court Judge for the D.C. Circuit.

Yes, I keep harping on this, but it's true: this is a critical moment in your government. The fact that you're on Countable (reading this now!), shows the depth of care you have for your community. Harness the tools! Tell your Reps exactly how to represent you!

And please keep sending me your thoughts, ideas & wack-o notions about how we can continue to crack-open this democracy. I'm all ears.

— Andrea Seabrook, Managing Editor

Talk to Andrea via email, andrea [at], or on twitter, @RadioBabe. And don’t forget to keep in touch @Countable.


Written by Countable

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