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US Defense System Has Smacked Down More Than 100 Missiles in Yemen War

by The Daily Signal | 3.27.18

Saagar Enjeti / November 15, 2017

The U.S.-made Patriot missile defense system has shot down more than 100 missiles fired from Yemen at Gulf Arab states since 2015, Defense News revealed Wednesday.

The missiles were likely fired by Yemeni Houthi rebels over the last two years at Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in retaliation for the Gulf states’ support of an ongoing air campaign.

(Photo: Raytheon)

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President Donald Trump has praised the missile system in recent days after a high-profile intercept over Saudi Arabia’s capital city of Riyadh. Riyadh was targeted by a Houthi missile, which U.S. officials believe bore “Iranian markings.” Iran is known to support the Houthi movement in Yemen, which adheres to a Shiite interpretation of Islam.

“Our system knocked the missile out of the air. That’s how good we are. Nobody makes what we make, and now we’re selling it all over the world,” Trump triumphantly declared Nov. 4, adding, “a shot was just taken by Iran, in my opinion, at Saudi Arabia.”

Raytheon International Chief Executive John Harris told reporters Monday that the demand for the company’s missile defense systems has increased recently. “There is [a growth market in Europe] as a direct result of the threat dynamic that our customers are seeing. They want to have the ability to protect their sovereignty,” he said.

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  • S

    Why are we waging a war with Yemen? What have they done to invite our collusion with Saudi Arabia? Once more we are involved in participating in another country’s war with no cause of our own. Are we going to go around the world and hurl missiles at countries who have not caused us harm? Is this the American way of war now? Yemen. Nigeria. Trump’s wars. Lack of executive control over the military and letting them make the decisions and being the call player. We own the humanitarian disaster in Yemen. It is our war and our support of Saudi Arabia’s blockade into the deaths their citizens. The devastation of cholera because there is no clean drinking water. Starvation because there is no food. Why isn’t congress asking these questions? What have the people of Yemen done to deserve this? They aren’t the ones responsible for Saudi Arabia’s war. I am fearful that there will be no end to what we will do in other countries now that we have signed on to being a death squadron for Saudi Arabia. It is their fight not ours and we shouldn’t be bragging about all the money we are making because Saudi Arabia is purchasing and using our war equipment. It’s blood money and congress has as much blood on its hands as those who are killing the people of Yemen.

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  • Kathy

    Please stop the US Saudi War in Yemen. Civilians are being killed and famine and disease are rampant. Do not support this horrible war!!