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Attention Florida Voters - A Message from Erin Brockovich

by Erin Brockovich | 11.4.18

A message from Erin Brockovich

Please share this important information about your candidates for governor in Florida and where they stand on climate change:

Florida voters, you have a choice to make on Tuesday, Nov. 6 about who will lead your beautiful and vital state as your next governor. It is a critical decision and I urge you to VOTE and to vote for the candidate for governor that will not shy away from the dangerous environmental and climate realities that threaten your beautiful and vital state.

While I live in California, I’ve spent a great deal of time in Florida, including a recent 5-day tour through Red Tide zones along the Gulf coast, through the Everglades, through Lake Okeechobee and along the Atlantic Coast to witness the havoc that the toxic Blue-Green Algae is wreaking on coastal waterways.

What I heard along the way was shocking. I met with numerous Floridians whose health, livelihoods and quality of life is threatened along with Florida’s waterways, beaches, coastline and sea life that are the lifeblood of your economy. 

As I toured Lake Okeechobee, the Everglades, and the Southwest Florida beaches, I heard from fishermen about the loss of income caused by the mass fish kills, which were caused by the Red Tide. I heard from people in multiple communities impacted by the Red Tide and Blue-Green Algae that felt inexplicably sickened yet could not get calls returned from the Florida Department of Health as they sought answers.

And I saw a vital ecosystem in absolute turmoil. Dead manatees, eels, and crabs bobbing in the water. Beaches covered in dead fish that had suffocated under the oxygen-deprived Blue-Green Algae. 

Florida deserves better. 

I’ve never endorsed a political candidate. And I am not doing so today. However, as a longtime advocate for environmental, health and consumer issues that face my fellow Americans, I do feel the need to let Floridians know what’s at stake for your state on Tuesday. And to show you where the two top candidates for Governor of Florida stand on the critical issue of climate change so that you can make an informed decision when you go to the polls. 

To be clear, when it comes to politics, my personal motto has long been that it’s not left versus right that matters to me but right versus wrong

You deserve a governor that can be trusted to address the growing threat of climate change that is devastating Southwest Florida’s coast and making the scourge of Red Tide and toxic Blue-Green Algae increasingly worse. 

You deserve a leader that will work hard to protect the people, the environment and the economy of Florida and that pays attention to shocking new projections on sea level increases that threaten South Florida with ever increasing storm surge and property damage.

I’ve done my homework and this is where your candidate for Governor stand on the issue of climate change:

Andrew Gillum (D) has said firmly “I believe in science” and that climate change is a “real and urgent threat.”

Andrew Gillum (D) points out on his website, Florida’s “climate change crisis is not confined to our environment — it’s an economic challenge that is threatening homes and businesses, and if we simply leaned into this challenge, we could create good-paying jobs that you can’t outsource overseas.”

Ron DeSantis (R) refuses to say the words “climate change” because he finds them “alarmist”. DeSantis rejects climate science, has said “I am not in the pews of the church of the global warming leftists. I am not a global warming person. I don't want that label on me.”

Ron DeSantis (R) has argued that climate change is not a problem state government can help mitigate, telling the Herald-Tribune “I certainly don’t think in Tallahassee, you know, we’re going to be able at the state level to do things that are really global in nature so that’s something that I think is more of a national and international issue.” 

I’m not telling you how to vote or who to vote for. But I am telling you that climate change is real and that Red Tide and toxic Blue-Green Algae are direct results of warming waters. Sea level rising is a direct result of climate change. Overly warm waters in the Gulf of Mexico fueling monster hurricanes are a direct result of climate change. 

Our earth and our water is telling us something – they are sounding the alarm bell. They are screaming for us to WAKE UP! They are telling us loudly and clearly that climate change is real.

You have the power through your VOTE on Tuesday to help avoid the absolute environmental and economic devastation to the Sunshine State if climate change is not addressed in a meaningful way immediately.

I urge you to cast a vote on Tuesday that makes clear that you want a governor that will address climate change and that will protect Florida, your quality of life, the health of your citizens and your economy, and to keep your water clean and safe. 

Thank you,

Erin Brockovich

Erin Brockovich

Written by Erin Brockovich

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