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Trump Warns North Korean Regime In Speech

by Countable | 11.9.17

What’s the story?

In a speech before South Korea’s National Assembly on Wednesday, President Donald Trump directly addressed the regime to the North.

"Today, I hope I speak not only for our countries but for all civilized nations, when I say to the North: 'Do not underestimate us. Do not try us. We will defend our common security, our shared prosperity, and our sacred liberty."

Trump has softened his "fire and fury" rhetoric against Pyongyang in recent days, and spent much of his speech contrasting the success of South Korea with the “dark fantasy” of life across the DMZ.

"The more successful South Korea becomes, the more decisively you discredit the dark fantasy at the heart of the Kim regime," Trump told the assembly.

However, in what multiple outlets called an "unexpected move," Trump chose to directly address North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

Trump warned Kim that "the weapons you are acquiring are not making you safer" and that Pyongyang’s nuclear programs “are putting your regime in grave danger. Every step you take down this dark path increases the peril you face."

Later, Trump referenced North Korea’s founder – and Kim’s grandfather – Kim Il-sung – saying,

"North Korea is not the paradise your grandfather envisioned. It is a hell that no person deserves."

However, Trump said a deal between the two nations was still possible, telling Kim, "despite every crime you've committed… we will offer you a path for a better future."

Officials in Pyongyang authorized to speak on behalf of the Kim regime responded to the speech, telling CNN: "we don't care about what that mad dog may utter because we've already heard enough."

What do you think?

Is a deal between North Korea and the U.S. possible? Should Trump return to his "fire and fury" threats? Should the U.S. pressure other countries to impose additional sanctions on the regime? Hit Take Action, tell your reps, then share your thoughts below.

— Josh Herman

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