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Town Halls: Why They Matter and How to Find them

by Countable | 11.8.17


So are these things called town halls, and maybe you’ve heard of them. Basically if you want to get face time with your lawmakers, a town hall is where you want to be. And bonus points - they’re free and public. Sometimes they’re well-advertised, sometimes they’re not. But they are golden opportunities, so take advantage of them!

You get the opportunity to talk to your lawmaker face-to-face and ask them questions. How often does that happen? Be sure to prep your question ahead of time, so you’re ready. And here’s another cool thing. Sometimes lawmakers and their staffers will actually stay after the event to hang out and chat with people one-on-one. So be sure to stick around for this. And you might want to bring a business card, so that they can follow up more easily with you later.

So how can you find a town hall? Well, one surefire way is to call your your lawmaker’s district office and ask them when the next one is scheduled. You can also check their website, and be sure to sign up for their email list. That way you get notified about future town halls and events. And once you get the skinny, tell your friends.


Written by Countable

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