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Even If Obamacare is Fully Implemented, 31 Million People Will Lack Coverage

by Countable | 8.7.17

Even in a perfect world, the ACA would not give coverage to all Americans. In a perfect world, when the law is fully implemented, the Congressional Budget Office estimates 31 million Americans – or about 10 percent of the population - will still lack coverage. Of course that number is smaller than the 47 million Americans who lacked insurance before the law came into place, but it’s still substantial.

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  • Lindsay

    Affordable healthcare for everyone should be our priority in the USA. I'm an RN in a hospital and have 40 years in the profession. It can be done. We can look to so many other countries with this already in place.

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  • Graham

    Universal healthcare is a marker of civilization and should be a primary goal in the US. As a person who's benefited from Obamacare since turning 26, I want a better bill that helps more people by giving them more affordable healthcare, but abolishing the ACA is not the answer. Please work with your fellow reps to find a better path forward to universal healthcare.

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