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by Patriotic Millionaires | 3.27.18

From the experts at Progressive Change Campaign Committee:

Cutting taxes for billionaires and big corporations is the last thing that will help working families get ahead -- so it's important that Democrats insist "Not one penny in tax cuts should go to millionaires, billionaires, and corporations."

The path to victory for Democrats is to go big and bold on issues that are popular in red, blue, and purple states such as Medicare for All, expanding Social Security, and creating millions of infrastructure jobs.

So here are two simple things you can do right now:

  • SIGN the petition - Tell Congress: Not one penny in tax giveaways for billionaires and big corporations.

  • CALL Congress - Tell them: Not one penny in tax cuts to billionaires and corporations.

Patriotic Millionaires

Written by Patriotic Millionaires

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  • George

    Cutting taxes and raising debt by a trillion in ten years is blind short term greed. My grandchildren will inherit a world I wouldn’t want to live in.

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