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Take the Responsible Wealth Pledge

by Patriotic Millionaires | 3.27.18

Responsible Wealth is teaming up with Voices for Progress to send THIS letter to Senators, opposing President Trump’s tax plan, which would give away over $5 trillion in tax cuts, mostly to the wealthiest taxpayers.

When wealthy people sign a letter like this saying “Don’t cut our taxes”, people pay attention. Senators pay attention. The media pays attention. And it’s our hope to get all of those groups paying attention to this letter.

If you are in the top 5% by wealth and/or income (roughly $1 million household net assets and/or $200,000 household income), please join Responsible Wealth members and other wealthy individuals around the country in signing this letter to oppose the Trump tax plan.

Sign the letter HERE.

Patriotic Millionaires

Written by Patriotic Millionaires

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