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Your Turn: Employment

by Countable | 10.24.17

What’s the story?

Recent official numbers regarding the economy are painting a positive and upward moving picture. Employment numbers released show drops in unemployment to numbers not seen in years.

Countable wants to know your experience of the job market. What’s happening when we step away from the numbers and into the real lives of Americans?

Why does it matter?

The unemployment rate reached a low of 4.2% in September. That’s the lowest rate since February of 2001 according to Trade Economics.

The number of new applications for unemployment benefits also dropped in September by 22,000, dropping to a total of 222,000. That’s the lowest new application number since March of 1973, reports USA Today.

As previously reported by Countable, other economic indicators are moving upward. Consumer confidence reached a 13-year high in early October. The stock market is continuing a 242 day streak of increases, reaching record highs, as of Monday.

The Commerce Department has reported a two year high in economic growth as of the end of September, the conclusion of the second quarter. Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen stated that the economy is experiencing steady moderate growth:

"Economic activity in the United States has been growing moderately so far this year, and the labor market has continued to strengthen."

What’s your experience?

What’s your experience of the job market? How are things going out there in the realm of employment for you?

Tell us in the comments what you think, then use the Take Action button to tell your reps!

— Asha Sanaker

(Photo Credit: Bytemarks via Flickr / Creative Commons)*



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