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The Daily Countable: Who's Right on Climate Change?

by Countable | 10.24.17

Happy Tuesday, you brilliant, engaged Countable-ites, you. Today, a story about how one part of the government disputes the conclusions of another part of the government about what's Really Going On. Please don't fall asleep -- this one matters. But first: a few things you should know about:

On the Radar

Under the Radar

Top Story Today: a report from the GAO (Government Accountability Office) says the government is already spending more than ever on mitigating the impacts of climate change. According to the GAO:

Climate change impacts are already costing the federal government money, and these costs will likely increase over time as the climate continues to change.

Two key points:

  • Even while the Trump administration maintains a "climate-skeptical" stance, this GAO report specifically calls for action from the Executive Branch, saying it should "use information on the potential economic effects of climate change to help identify significant climate risks facing the federal government and craft appropriate federal responses."
  • This study was commissioned by Members of Congress, and provides the source data for upcoming legislation.

We at Countable are committed to bringing you the stories and issues that are most actionable -- always working to get YOU into the process as early as possible -- not just after an issue becomes a bill.

Your Gov at a Glance 👀

The White House: President Trump in DC

  • The president will receive his daily intelligence briefing before participating in a minority enterprise development week ceremony.
  • In the afternoon the president will swear in Callista Gingrich as Ambassador to the Vatican.
  • Later in the afternoon, the president will participate in a Senate Republican policy lunch.

The House of Representatives: In Session

The Senate: In Session

Here's the last word, friends: Do you see your place in the process of legislation? Do you feel the power of your involvement? Please be in touch, as always. We can be found on Twitter: @Countable & @RadioBabe.

— Andrea Seabrook


Written by Countable

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