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We Asked Veterans and Military Spouses: What Questions Do You Love to Answer?

by Starbucks | Updated on 9.14.18

Today, Americans know fewer veterans than any other generation. Because of this, veterans are often asked questions that make assumptions about their service—rather than ones that invite them to share their stories, skills and experiences.

And this is a community with some amazing things to share.

The best rule of thumb? Get to know somebody and take it slowly, just like you would with anyone else. Ask questions about who they are, where they’re from and what they like to do.

Here are some suggestions from members of the Starbucks Armed Forces Network and our partners at Team Red White and Blue, Blue Star Families and Team Rubicon.

• Where are you from? • Why did you join? • Do you come from a military family? • Why did you choose the branch that you did? • What did you do? • How long did you serve? • How old were you when you joined? • Was your training harder or easier than you expected? • Did you visit any other countries? • What was the most interesting cultural experience that you had? • Are you still close with the friends you made? • What do you miss about serving? • Why did you decide to leave? • Did your military training help you find a civilian job or are you doing something totally different? • As a military spouse, what do you enjoy the most? • Where was your favorite place you lived? • What are you looking forward to the most, now that your spouse is out of the military? • What has your career path been while your spouse is in the military? • What is one thing that you wish civilians knew about being a military spouse? • What do you do outside of work? Play any sports? • What are your kids like? What are they into? • Do you have any pets? • What do you like to do for fun? Play any sports? • What was the last movie you went to see? • How’s your family doing?

Veterans and military spouses are changing our perspectives and our company for the better every day. Learn more about our hiring commitment to veterans and military spouses, and our programs that support them.


Written by Starbucks

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