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The Daily Countable: Healthcare and IQ and Fights — Oh My!

by Countable | 10.10.17

What's new and in the news for this Tuesday, October 10, 2017? Let's have a look!

Today's Stories

Mudslinging Matters

A feud's afoot between President Trump and Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN). While jabs and jibes are nothing new for politics, this particular fight has escalated quickly. Take a look at why this matters and what it means at this link.

Upending Obamacare

President Trump reportedly plans to harness "the power of the pen" in an executive order to make significant changes to Obamacare. See the tweet, get some perspective, and share your own thoughts right here.

Are You Smarter Than A President?

President Trump has a long-standing fascination with IQ tests, according to a roundup of his public comments compiled by the Washington Post. So in the interest of increasing public knowledge, we bring you Fact Tuesday: IQ Tests.

Your Gov at a Glance

The White House: Trump in Washington

  • Meets with Dr. Henry Kissinger
  • Lunches with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Secretary of Defense James Mattis
  • Welcomes the Pittsburgh Penguins, NHL Stanley Cup champions, to the White House.

The House of Representatives: In Session

The Senate: Out – will return Monday, October 16.

Keep in touch, Countable folk. We have many exciting developments to report — so stay tuned.

— Andrea Seabrook, Managing Editor

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