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A Guide to Using Countable

by Countable | 8.7.17

Welcome to Countable - your dashboard for democracy!

Countable is your one-stop shop for getting simple explanations of bills and issues in the news, and having your voice heard in the halls of power.

Ready to get started? Here are some recommendations of what to check out!

Catch Up On Recent Happenings In The Newsfeed: Our main newsfeed will help you understand all the top issues in the news, and bills that are up for a debate. The more you use our app, the more the news feed will be tailored to you and your interests.

Follow Issues: Want to get more specific? Go follow issues that are important to you, keep track of new bills as they’re introduced on the issue, when they’re up for a vote, and more!

Read Bill Summaries and Vote: Our bill summaries make understanding legislation easy and fun. Read our non-partisan summary, as well as arguments for and against any given bill. Then, when you’ve formed your own opinion, click “yea” or “nay,” which will send an email on your behalf to your lawmakers, telling them how you want them to vote! Yes, that’s right. With just one tap, you’ll communicate with your lawmaker, and be heard! Add your own public opinion to any bill, as well, to make your case to other users. Like someone else’s argument for or against a bill? Upvote it!

Message Your Lawmakers About Anything: Sign up for an account with Countable, and under your name you will see your lawmakers. Just go to their profile page to send them an email, call them, or video message them!

Taking part in your democracy has never been easier. Take a look around, and don’t forget to create an account, to unlock all we have to offer!


Written by Countable

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