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The Daily Countable: The Post-Massacre Fight Over Guns Has Begun

by Countable | 10.2.17

Good morning, friends. Actually, it's a tough one. The massacre in Las Vegas over night has been officially declared the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history. Here's where we're continuing to update the facts as they come in.

The Fight Over Gun Control Begins

It's inevitable. Practically scripted. After every mass-shooting event, America starts with "thoughts and prayers" and moves straight into the fight over gun control and the second amendment. Here's what people are saying today.

President Trump and Vice President Pence:

Then Members of Congress jumped in. Here's Democrat Jim Himes of Connecticut:

Senator Chris Van Hollen, Democrat of Maryland:

Arizona Republican Senator Ted Cruz:

Many others spoke out, across the political spectrum, calling on public officials to act. Nelba Marquez-Greene's 6-year-old daughter Ana Grace died in the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut.

This account, @fedupwithit31, has close to five thousand followers, many of whom echoed his sentiment:

And some who gun-rights supporters lamented America's lack of knowledge of current gun laws, such as this user, @StarChamberMaid:

Others were angry at the lack of conversation about gun control. New York Times columnist Charles Blow rejected any suggestion that "now is not the right time" to begin a political discussion.

What Do YOU Think?

Hit the Take Action button and tell your Representatives in Washington. Comment below and join the discussion.

Your Gov at a Glance

The White House: Trump in DC

  • Gives televised address to the nation regarding Las Vegas shooting
  • President Trump leads a deregulation summit.
  • Meets with the governors of Kentucky, Mississippi, Maine, and New Hampshire.
  • Lunches with Prime Minister Chan-o-chan of Thailand

The House of Representatives: In Session

The Senate: In Session

  • Senators likely to speak about the Las Vegas shooting
  • Voting on the confirmation of Ajit Pai to be a member of the Federal Communications Commission.

As always, send your questions and thoughts directly to me as well. Twitter is the easiet way to reach me, @RadioBabe. More tomorrow.

— Andrea Seabrook, Managing Editor


Written by Countable

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