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Welcome to the No Labels App!

by Countable | 8.7.17

Welcome to our mobile app! This is No Labels’ home base, on your very own smartphone, for all of the important work that we’re doing together. We wanted to give you an easy way to engage and make a difference all throughout the day — without needing your computer, or having to wait for us to e-mail you opportunities. With this new mobile app, you’re now able to read through the articles and policy suggestions that No Labels is producing. But even more importantly, you’re able to get more involved, take additional action, and make more of a difference on a daily basis.

Each of the articles in this news feed is directly actionable. Meaning that if you click on the “Take Action” button at the top, we’ll be able to automatically send an email — on your behalf — to each of your federal lawmakers. There’s nothing more important than communicating with your lawmakers, and holding them accountable to create a more bipartisan, well-functioning government.

That’s why No Labels was founded. To build a movement for the legions of people who are tired of a political system that simply doesn’t respond to the priorities of the vast majority of the American people. We believe that to solve a problem — any problem — leaders first need to unite behind goals, and then commit to a rigorous process to achieve those goals. American politics is more unpredictable than ever. Which makes it even more important to have a stabilizing force within our Congress; a bloc of elected officials who combine ideological independence and common sense with a willingness to reach across the aisle to get things done. The creation of such a bloc is the central mission of No Labels. But we can only do it with your continued action.


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