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Voto Latino Statement on Trump’s Texas Visit

by Voto Latino | 3.27.18

August 30, 2017

Washington, D.C. – Today President Donald Trump will visit Texas to review the government’s response to Hurricane Harvey, as the fate of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) looms and a decision on Texas’ Senate Bill 4 is expected any day.

Over the weekend, as the storm displaced about 3000,000 people and caused at least five deaths, the President took to Twitter to shift the focus to non-hurricane-related issues such as NAFTA and the border wall. In response, Maria Teresa Kumar, Voto Latino President and CEO, issued the following statement.

Take Action Above to Ask Your Lawmakers to Stand with the Community

“The devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey is not a photo opportunity to distract from the Administration’s attacks on the Latino community. Texas has the second largest population of Latinos, many of which have been forced into the shadows under the threat of new legislation that could result in their deportation. Texas has become ground zero for the fight to protect the civil rights of Latinos and will set the precedent on immigration for the rest of the country. Instead of adding to widespread fear, Governor Greg Abbott and the President should use this opportunity to stand with the community and against Texas Senate Bill 4, a discriminatory bill that strips protections away from vulnerable immigrant families. They also have a moral obligation to do right by the 120,000 DACA recipients who call Texas home and who we will need to rebuild the state. The threat of ending DACA at this time is inhumane and tone-deaf. Dreamers have contributed tremendously to Texas and deserve a sense of security as they prepare to piece their lives back together. We must unite and stand #TexasStrong in these difficult times, not target the communities who need our help the most.

While the President will not be visiting Houston, we remind him that it is the most diverse city in the country and represents what makes America great. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and all who have been impacted by the storm. Texans have demonstrated courage and the power of unity, with people moving past racial tensions and standing in solidarity to help their neighbors regardless of their legal status. We also applaud local authorities and agencies for efficiently working together to provide rapid relief efforts.”

Voto Latino

Written by Voto Latino

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