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September 8: Hurricanes, Earthquakes & Identity Theft

by Countable | 9.8.17

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What to Watch

What Everyone Is Watching
  • Hurricane Irma.The storm was downgraded to an "extremely dangerous" Category 4 storm as of Friday morning and is expected now to progress up the middle of the the Florida peninsula starting Sunday morning. Mandatory evacuations have already been initiated for multiple counties in south Florida. Evacuations have not been mandated as of yet in the majority of Miami-Dade county except in coastal areas, but hundreds of thousands of people are voluntarily evacuating, snarling roadways throughout the state and into Georgia. Gov. Rick Scott on Thursday told residents that many do not need to travel far to find safety, “You do not need to evacuate out of the state or hundreds of miles away to stay safe. Find shelters in your county.”

  • Severe flooding is expected as far north as South Carolina. Irma has already claimed 10 lives as she moved through the Caribbean.

What’s Worth Watching
  • The aftermath following the massive earthquake in Mexico late Thursday. Mexico stepped up to offer aid to the U.S. following Hurricane Harvey. With Hurricane Irma barreling towards the East Coast, will the U.S. be able to return the favor, or will we be too busy cleaning up for two massive storms in a matter of weeks?

  • The cyberattack on Equifax. The New York Times reported Thursday that sensitive, private information on as many as 143 million consumers may have been compromised. Keep track of your credit card statements, folks. This is unprecedented.

The President: D.C. and Camp David

  • This morning the president receives his daily security briefing.

  • At 12:15 PM EDT he is expected to receive a hurricane update and then he and the First Lady are headed to Camp David for the weekend.

The House of Representatives: IN SESSION

  • Because of when Hurricane Irma is making landfall, the final vote on the continuing resolution that includes Hurricane Harvey relief funding and the debt limit will be at 12:30 PM EDT.

  • They will wait on a final passage vote on the appropriations minibus until next week, when it will be merged with the other appropriations bills into an actual omnibus.


The Senate has no business on the floor or in committees today.

Stay safe, CountaFamily.

"We are all on this planet together and only together can we make it a better place for all." —Cynthia Jo Lutje

—Josh Herman & Asha Sanaker


Written by Countable

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  • Abbi

    We should return the favor and help Mexico but I don't think our commander in thief will step up. We need to contact John Kelly he's the only adult in the room.

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  • Deirdre

    We need to bring back science instead of defunding it. We should help out Mexico too. Cause they helped us.

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  • Andy1

    So when are we finally going to deal with trump - the bigly-est natural disaster?

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