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Labor Day Special: The Ten Weirdest Jobs In America

by Countable | 9.4.17

In honor of Labor Day, Countable rounded up the top ten weirdest jobs in America.

1. Chicken Sexer

A chick finally cracks through its egg and you want to Tweet out "It’s a boy!" or “It’s a girl!” (or “It’s a gender-neutral!”) Problem is, it is extremely difficult to determine their sex. For most people. Chicken sexers have a knack for lifting up a chick’s feathers (well, down at that point) to check for their future egg-laying potential.

2. Pet Food Tester

If you’re anything like me, get into counseling at once. Also, you maybe stuffed your face with dog food as a child. Perhaps if your parents were more understanding than mine, you’d have a future as a pet food tester. These individuals check the smell, taste and texture of kibble (and, when lucky, Fancy Feast) to ensure it’s top-quality for Anderson Pooper and Fidel Catro.

3. Professional Cuddler

You mean you’ve been cuddling for free all these years? Head here, become a Certified Cuddler, then launch your career as a cuddle buddy.

4. Golf Ball Diver

An estimated 300 million golf balls are lost in the U.S. each year. Many of them can be found in the bottom of lakes and ponds. "Imagine swimming in a milkshake of silt," CNN wrote. “Now add weeds, broken bottles and every type of critter from leeches, to water snakes, even crocodiles, and you've pretty much got the idea of the perils of golf-ball diving.”

5. Snake Milker

Well, they’re not going to milk themselves. Snake venom is used to create antivenin for hospitals and labs, and a gram of the stuff goes for around $1,000. Before you send Snake Farm your resume, know that the milker has to collect the venom by hand—manually massaging the venom glands of asps, vipers, cobras, corals, mambas and rattlesnakes.

6. The Keeper Of The Cup

The Stanley Cup – awarded to the winner of the NHL’s Stanley Cup Finals – needs to be accompanied at all times by a "keeper." Including in pools.

7. Fortune Cookie Writer

"You Will Soon Undertake An Odd Job."

8. Armpit Sniffer

Got a sensitive nose? Not easily affected by allergies? Have an esoteric fetish? First, email me. Then, consider a job as an odor tester: these individuals ensure that deodorants and antiperspirant are doing their job. And there’s only one way to find out if they are: lean into that armpit and give a deep whiff.

9. Professional Line-Stander

Why lose your @#%# waiting for that new iPhone or Black Friday deal when you can hire a professional to lose their @#%#? There’s even an app that "connects you in real-time with line sitters to wait for you in long lines."

10. Worm Farmer

"I’ve got worms," Lloyd Christmas (Jim Carrey) declared in Dumb and Dumber. “That's what we're gonna call it. ‘I Got Worms!’ We're gonna specialize in selling worm farms. You know, like ant farms.” Had he gone through with the project, Lloyd would have been a “vermiculturist”—farmers who breed worms for other farmers and bait shops.

—Josh Herman

(Photo Credit: PeopleImages / iStockphoto)


Written by Countable

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  • Dara

    Thank you to all of the laborers, workers, that get up everyday and support the owners, top management, and stockholders that are hording billions of dollars to pay for their green fees at high dollar country clubs, lear jets to multiple vacation homes, professional sports boxes, etc. Henry Ford was correct, pay your workers well so they can afford to buy products you produce. Sad that our business owners and politiciins don't get it.

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