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Massachusetts Voters: Yes on Question 3

by GLAAD | 9.18.18

This November, people living in Massachusetts will have the chance to vote for legislation that supports trans people’s access to public spaces. Ballot Question 3 provides protections for transgender people in public spaces such restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, and other places of public accommodation.

Bill S.2047, which passed 2016, was one of the first bills of its kind to provide this kind of protection. However, after the Bill’s adoption a small group of anti-transgender activists gathered the minimum amount of signatures to put this law up for a popular vote in the election.

Everyone, of every gender identity, should have the right to exist in public spaces without fear of harassment or discrimination. It is now up to voters to show up to vote and ensure that this these protections are preserved. If you are registered to vote in Massachusetts, vote YES on Question 3 in November! To learn more about the legislation and its impact on the trans community, go to

It is vital that LGBTQ people and their allies vote for acceptance in the midterm elections so that we have legislators that support equal rights and protections for LGBTQ people around the country.

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Written by GLAAD

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