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Leadership Team


  • Bart Myers Founder and CEO @bartolah / Bart on Countable
    Prior to starting Countable Bart founded and built internet companies including SideReel (acquired by TIVO in 2011). He believes in the brilliance of the Constitution, the need for compromise, and a place for all sides to come together.
  • Alex Kouts CPO
    Alex is an entrepreneur obsessed with furthering American democracy. He's spent his career building and scaling startups as a founder, a head of product/marketing and a UX designer. He's built and launched companies focused on civic engagement, campaign tech, media, digital philanthropy, crowdfunding, and gaming
  • Andrea Seabrook Managing Editor @RadioBabe
    Andrea Seabrook is an award-winning journalist with more than fifteen years focusing on government and politics and the founder of DecodeDC. Seabrook's reporting won her a Joan S. Barone award for coverage of the US Capitol. She has been featured on MarketPlace, This American Life, RadioLab, 99% Invisible, the BBC, CNN, PBS, and many others.
  • Matt Levy CTO
    Prior to joining Countable, Matt was the VP of Engineering for BetterDoctor. He is a hands-on technology leader with two decades of experience building innovative technology. He believes that technology should enable people to solve real problems, and has collaborated on projects from a groundbreaking multimedia call center for the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, to Pocket Kingdom, the world's first mobile massively multi-player game.

Strategic Advisors

  • Sen. Evan Bayh
    Sen. Evan Bayh is a former U.S. Senator. As a moderate Democrat, he was a leader, working in a bipartisan manner to seek consensus on issues including financial services reform and healthcare. Prior to the Senate, he was governor of Indiana, where he enacted welfare reform, cut taxes, and brought about fiscal discipline to the state's budget.
  • Rep. Jon Runyan Jon Runyan on Countable
    Jon served as a Member of the United States House of Representatives from New Jersey and is a former offensive tackle with the Philadelphia Eagles.
  • Rep. Patrick Murphy
    Patrick is a former Under Secretary of the Army. He was the first veteran of the Iraq War to be elected to the United States House of Representatives from Pennsylvania.
  • Edward J. Feulner, PhD
    Dr. Edwin J. Feulner is the Founder of The Heritage Foundation. He has served as Executive Director, Republican Study Committee in the U.S. House of Representatives, and other positions on the staff of the House. He received an MBA from the Wharton School, is a Weaver Fellow at the London School of Economics, and his Ph.D. from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. He is the author of seven books.
  • Joe Trippi @JoeTrippi / Joe Trippi on Countable
    Joe is at the forefront of technology & politics. He's worked on numerous presidential, House, Senate and issue campaigns and is a regular contributor on Fox News. Joe is the author of The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.
  • George Gorton
    George managed all of California Governor Pete Wilson's gubernatorial and senate races, and was the first consultant hired by Arnold Schwarzenegger when Schwarzenegger decided to run for Governor of California. George also led campaigns for office around the world, including in Russia, Panama, Romania, Czechoslovakia, and Canada.
  • Evan Dobelle
    Evan has had a distinguished career in higher education as President of 5 different colleges and universities. He had been a two term Mayor of his hometown of Pittsfield, Massachusetts before going to Washington where he served President Carter as Chief of Protocol of the White House, National Treasurer of the DNC and then National Chair of the 1980 Carter / Mondale campaign. He comes to us from Gensler where he was Director of Consulting for Education, Arts and Culture for the worlds largest architecture and design firm.
  • Amanda Crumley
    Amanda Crumley is a communications and campaign strategist with 25 years of experience devising message strategy, managing campaigns and advising candidates, elected officials, major nonprofits, companies, startups and other high-profile clients in high-stakes winning elections, public affairs and issue advocacy campaigns across the country.
  • Jim Wickett
    Silicon Valley Media and Tech Exec, former member of the CA Coastal Commission, and a former Congressional Staff Asst.
  • Frank Howard, Jr.
    Chairman, HCG Affiliates LLC, a privately held syndicate, which holds Howard Consulting Group, Inc. and Global Strategic Partners, LLC, both public affairs and strategic communications firms and MaxMedia LLC, a behavioral marketing and FAMS provider. He is also Managing Partner and Chief Investment Strategists for HCG Ventures, a health care, medical device and biotechnology investment strategy firm.