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  • Bart Myers Founder and CEO @bartolah / Bart on Countable
    Prior to starting Countable Bart founded and built internet companies including SideReel (acquired by TIVO in 2011). He believes in the brilliance of the Constitution, the need for compromise, and a place for all sides to come together.
  • Alex Kouts CPO
    Alex is an entrepreneur obsessed with furthering American democracy. He's spent his career building and scaling startups as a founder, a head of product/marketing and a UX designer. He's built and launched companies focused on civic engagement, campaign tech, media, digital philanthropy, crowdfunding, and gaming.
  • Andrea Seabrook Managing Editor @RadioBabe
    Andrea Seabrook is an award-winning journalist with more than fifteen years focusing on government and politics and the founder of DecodeDC. Seabrook's reporting won her a Joan S. Barone award for coverage of the US Capitol. She has been featured on MarketPlace, This American Life, RadioLab, 99% Invisible, the BBC, CNN, PBS, and many others.